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About Us

A Word from the President

After more than 25 years of involvement in the environmental world, we have pursued, thanks to our innovation and flexibility, a continuous development of markets and products that allow us to maintain a position of leadership and cutting edge product solutions.

The support of our customers, and the creativity of our team, represent this form of product leadership and flexibility in all aspects of our business.

Thanks to you and the privilege of having your trust, we continue with our commitment. To maintain the highest level of customer service and product quality.

Patrick Paradis:

Our Mission

Offer practical and economical solutions, calling upon our creative group and meeting the specific needs of our customer. VISION

A healthy return, generated by innovations, leading to a desirable position in a competitive market. OBJECTIVE

To be the absolute best at what we do and provide the customer with the reassurance that they have selected to work with the most flexible solutions based company in this market. OBLIGATION

Our History

Quatrex started its operation in July 1990, as a distributor of certified innovative containers for the embryonic hazardous material handling market.

Through its first years of operation, Quatrex developed an expertise in the management of hazardous materials. Quickly Quatrex added products which brought answers for prevention and/or intervention of spills.

As early as 1993, the necessity for prevention and environmental conformities are felt throughout the Industry. Agreements with multinationals, gave us an opportunity to rapidly enlarge our range of retention equipment. In the following years, many innovations are inserted in our gamut of products.

Since 1995, Quatrex has developed and continued to grow a metal containment products division. Understanding poly containment products have their correct uses and place in an industrial workplace, Quatrex invested heavily in developing steel containment products to meet customer specific goals; while controlling costs and ensuring a level of safety expected by the rigorous environmental, fire, building, and occupational health & safety regulations. Quatrex over the past decade has become a leader, understanding Canadian and US regulations, in developing solutions for most storage and dispensing applications.

Following the same philosophy, Quatrex will continue, in the years to come, to be a vanguard to the market needs, thus do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Expertise

Canada's Expert in environmental compliance products and solutions.

Based out of Montreal, the Quatrex team is continuously developing and searching, for new products and solutions to this ever-changing industry.

Our full line of Spill Kits, Steel Spill Pallets, Steel Containment, Hazmat Storage and Flammable Storage are only a few of our solutions for the handling, prevention and intervention in this exciting world of hazardous material handling.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with even the most unique problem or idea.