Imbiber Beads® IMBICATOR® Mini Boom


Effectively contain and capture a wide range of organic liquids with IMBIBER BEADS® Mini Booms. These smaller containment/aBsorption booms are the perfect solution for addressing spills in sumps, drip pans, leaking industrial equipment and hoses, and small water or land spills. Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7 x 35 inches (17.78 x 106.68 centimeters)
  • Absorption Capacity: Up to 1.12 gallons (4.24 liters) per mini boom
  • Quantity Per Carton: 5 individual Mini Booms

Includes 2 vapor containment bags for disposal. Imbiber Beads® and IMBICATOR® are Registered Trade Marks of Imbibitive Technologies Corporation.

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