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Ensuring the safety of people and premises is of vital importance when dealing with hazardous materials. For rail companies, automakers, laboratories, industrial warehouses and others, buildings for the storage of hazardous materials emerge as a safe and secure solution, regardless of the industry.


Significant advantages

Return on

Safely managing the storage of hazardous materials makes it possible to save space in a plant or warehouse while also reducing insurance costs. Optimizing these factors allows for an easier return on investment.


An incident can occur, despite all basic precautions. Adding extra protection can help prevent damage to the building or equipment as well as injury to personnel, as well as avoid production shutdowns.

Our types of buildings

  • Occupancy buildings

    Customized solutions for the storage of hazardous materials and flammable products ensure compliance and safety when storing chemical solutions.

    remise sécuritaire| bâtiment d'occupation| remise d'entreposage avec occupation|
  • Non-occupancy buildings

    Sturdy and stable, these buildings shelter products from weather conditions and are corrosion resistant in order to limit premature deterioration.

    safety shed|swing door tote storage|unoccupied shed
  • Modular buildings

    Designed to meet specific needs (portable offices, medical clinics, etc.), these multipurpose modular buildings can be quickly installed.

    remise sécuritaire| bâtiment modulaire|portes à enroulement



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A variety of possible options

Solutions can be quickly configured in order to meet the specific needs of individual companies. Modular buildings and temporary shelters are suited to various applications. Multiple doors, automatic closing system, hardware: it is possible to select the options needed to ensure their proper use.

A varied clientele

Quatrex serves different industries, effectively meeting the needs of companies, regardless of their sector of activity. Our buildings are available to all types of companies, institutions and organizations dealing with hazardous products.

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These include companies in the aeronautics, rail and automotive sectors as well as the paint industry, in short, wherever the safe storage of raw materials is required.


These include automobile dealerships, mechanical establishments as well as painters wishing to ensure proper protection from incidents by safely storing their chemical products.

Major institutions

Quatrex also works with major public institutions on environmental compliance and solutions for the storage of hazardous materials. These include hydroelectric companies, various federal and provincial ministries, as well as a number of municipalities.


In this field, it is important to protect chemical products and limit the risk of spills by ensuring their proper storage.


and logistics

Quatrex works closely with its clients throughout the process, up to and including the delivery of a safe turnkey storage solution. Occupancy and non-occupancy buildings are delivered fully assembled and placed at the client’s desired location. All that remains is for the company to make the required electrical connections.

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Compatible hazardous materials

Caustic liquids

These highly corrosive products must be stored in a well-ventilated corrosion-resistant container and kept under key.

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Liquid acid

Acids are corrosive materials that must be stored in a well-ventilated area with firefighting equipment and warning panels.

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Given that it presents a high risk of fire, lithium must be kept in a well-ventilated location and protected from frost, light and humidity.

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Oxidizing agents

Highly unstable, these products present a high risk of fire and explosion should they come into contact with flammable and combustible products. They must therefore be stored in a cool location, to ensure their stability.

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Paint products must be stored in keeping with their compatibility, only if their 2-year shelf life has not been exceeded. They should preferably be stored at moderate temperature in a well-ventilated safety cabinet.

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Petroleum products

Tanks for petroleum products must be fitted with an unlocked safety vent. They must also have a label identifying the products they hold, such as gas or waste oil.

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Reactive materials

Reactive materials must be stored in specifically designed fireproof cabinets with the mixing of products avoided at all times.

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Regulated waste

It is important to store different types of regulated waste according to established standards and in compliance with destruction dates shown.

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Solvents must be stored in an adequately ventilated area and dangers related to their flammability must be well known. Evaporation conditions and ambient temperature must also be taken into account.

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