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Occupancy buildings

Votre solution d’entreposage pour inflammables est-elle conforme au Code national de prévention des incendies et au Code national du bâtiment?

Votre solution de pré-ingénierie couvre-t-elle tous les aspects sur la responsabilité civile et l’acheteur en a-t-il été informé?

QUATREX ENVIRONNEMENT INC. offre une évaluation complète de vos besoins d’entreposage pour assurer la conformité et réduire les risques. Nous proposons des solutions spécifiques aux normes canadiennes (résistances au feu, équipements électriques, capacités de rétention).


Is your flammable storage and chemical storage solutions compliant to CANADIAN CODE or US CODE?

  • Standard designs feature a single leaf door; buildings can be constructed with more door sets if required
  • Solidly welded frame construction for superior stability /rigidity
  • Hinged doors provide easy access for palletized loads
  • Doors provided with inside release features
  • Corrosion and weather resistant finish
  • Removable, galvanized steel grating for easy clean-up of spills
  • Sump volumes exceed M.O.E. and building code regulations
  • Grounding package includes grounding lugs, connector and rod
  • Relocatable via forklift or crane

Is your pre-engineered solution covering all aspect of liability under the buyer beware LAW.

Call us for a quick assessment of your application and find out more about the difference between all North American and Canadian code differences.

QUATREX ENVIRONMENTAL INC. offers complete compliance assessment of your storage requirements in order to ensure compliance and reduce liabilities. We provide solutions for your storage of hazardous material that are specific to Canadian or U.S codes (Fire ratings, Electrical, Environmental Loads).